Poster collages now also available at 150 x 100 cm

poster collages now also available at 150 100 cm

We have 'big' news again! Earlier this year we started offering 150 x 100 cm collages on canvas.

From now on, collages in poster form are available at this extra large size as well.

Looking for a real eye catcher for your home? EasyCollage allows you to create your own collage, and now also allows you to have it printed at sizes up to a whopping 150 x 100 cm (4'11″ x 3'3.5″), be it on canvas or as a poster!

All basic designs (the ones where you make your own layout) can now be made and ordered at this extra large size. For design collages (the ones with a set design), the available sizes depend on the particular design you're using. This super size will let your best photos shine even more.

Want to make a collage with your Instagram photos right away?

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