New basic collage design: large photo as background

new basic design large photo as background

Besides all the colourful collage designs by our designers, we also offer various basic designs. This week we added two more of those: "Large photo as background" and "Large photo as background (playful)".

Both of these layouts have room for one large photo and for three smaller photos in a row underneath it, or one large photo and four smaller photos in a vertical row to the right of the large one. You can set the design the way you like it in a few clicks.

It's a nice design for an overview photo of your garden in bloom with some close-ups of the prettiest flowers, a large front view portrait with three side view photos underneath (or those bloopers that actually turned out pretty funny) or a group shot with solo portraits to the side. In other words: if you pick 'basic', anything is possible!

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