New: 100cm x 70cm acrylic collages

new 100 x 70 cm acrylic collages

Looking for a large collage with a sleek look? Then our new collage on acrylic is the ideal choice!

As of this week, you can order your collage on a piece of 100cm x 70cm acrylic.

For several months now, not only have we printed our Easy Collage collages on canvas and poster paper, but we've also started printing them on acrylic. Up until recently, acrylic posters were only available in small sizes, but now you can order your masterpiece to be printed on a large piece of acrylic measuring 100cm x 70cm.

An acrylic collage is the perfect eye-catcher to brighten up a blank wall. After you've put the collage together yourself, we print it out for you in the best colours possible, using an extensive colour spectrum. We then place the collage behind a clear layer of acrylic which is polished until it gleams. Finally, we add the integrated mounting system onto the back of the collage, allowing you to hang it hassle-free as soon as it's delivered.

A collage based on a basic design and ordered on 100cm x 70cm acrylic costs £164.95. A collage based on one of the other design templates and ordered on 100cm x 70xm acrylic costs £189.95.

Want to get started on your own acrylic collage right now? Click here to head to the collage maker!