Extra large: collages up to 120 x 80 cm

extra large collages up to 120 80 cm

Do you think things can never be too big? Well, good news for you! From now on, you can have your collages printed on canvas in an extra large size.

This increases the largest size for collage prints on canvas available at EasyCollage to 120 x 80 cm (3'11″ x 2'7.5′). Collage posters will still only available in sizes up to 80 x 60 cm (2'7.5″ x 1'11.5″) for now.

All basic collages - the ones where you can set your own layout - will now be available in this new largest size on canvas. For designer collage templates, the available sizes depend on the specific design. You can look up the available size options for the design you want in the collage creator.

Want to make a collage right away? Start up the collage creator.

Update September 19th, 2012: collages are now available up to 150 x 100 cm.