New feature: text on your photo collage


Yes, our new feature is finally here! You can now add text onto your photo collage. With this option, you can place a text box on each photo and write whatever you like.

How about putting the name of the person in the photo or the place each shot was taken? Other options include a simple description of your photo collage's theme, a funny quote or a message for the person you're giving the collage to.

How does it work?

Open the collage maker, choose a design and upload your photos. To add text to an image, click on the photo and then select 'Edit' on the pop-up menu. The 'Text' button will appear in the menu below the photo, allowing you to insert text and adjust the font, size and colour.

Ready to get started on your new photo collage? Open the collage maker now and begin creating your collage.