New: Canvas Photo Collage with a Floating Frame


Looking for a collage with a sophisticated, upscale look? Then our new canvas photo collage with a floating frame is perfect for you!

With a floating frame, your canvas is placed inside a special structure that not only adds the perfect finishing touch, but also creates an eye-catching optical illusion that your collage is floating within the frame without any support.

As of today, you can order a beautiful wooden floating frame to complement your canvas photo collage. There's a 5mm gap between the canvas and the frame, making it look like your collage is floating in the air. Our floating frames are made in Italy from ayous wood, known for its durability and excellent quality.

The floating frames come in 3 styles (lacquered black, lacquered white and plain wood), in a 2cm thickness and are suitable for collage dimensions up to 120x80cm.

Floating frames start from £24.95 and you can add one when ordering your collage.