Look back on your memories with a year overview photo collage


At the end of each year, it's always nice to look back at everything you experienced over the past 12 months. And a great way to turn all the wonderful memories you've made into something fun is to create a photo collage with all your personal highlights.

All your highlights in one photo collage

There's a lot that goes on over the course of a year. Special events with family or friends, holidays, unplanned happy moments... So these memories never fade, spend a night at your computer in the new year, collecting all your favourite shots from the past 12 months. Then choose the very best ones and use them to make a photo collage.

Creative design tips for your photo collage

Did you make so many great memories last year that you have no idea where to start with your collage? We'll help you begin with three ways to create a perfect year overview collage.

One photo every month

Did you take so many pictures in 2018 that you can't see the forest for the trees? Put your critical glasses on and narrow it down to just one or two photos from each month. This way you'll create a complete picture of all your beautiful moments over the past year.

Personal milestones

Did you achieve some special goals in 2018 that you look back on with pride or joy? Make a list of your personal highlights and then choose some beautiful photos to represent them as a wonderful reminder of everything you've achieved!

A themed photo collage

Was 2018 a year of a major change or special event for you? If so, it's a great idea to make a collage themed around one of these topics. Whether you have travelled around the world, found your dream home or welcomed your first child, any big life event makes a fantastic subject for a creative photo collage.

Want to make a photo collage but need a little more inspiration? Take a look at our inspiration page. Have fun designing!