Five tips for the perfect Valentine's Day collage


Looking for a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day gift? How about creating a collage and surprising your special someone with a unique piece of artwork?

With these five tips, you're guaranteed to create a stunning photo collage your partner will love.

Collect photos of special moments

A great way to start your collage is to dive into your photo folder. Pick out your best shots and pop them into a separate folder so you can easily find them later. If you've only got a few photos saved on your computer, you can always scroll through your phone's photo album or scan in printed photos and turn them into digital files.

Choose a special theme

To make your collage beautifully cohesive, choose a theme for your photos. Some ideas for themes that work really well include a favourite colour or set of colours, a special day or event, memorable trips, first holidays, loved pets and fun hobbies.

Look back on beautiful memories together

Make your Valentine's Day collage extra special by using it to look back on all the wonderful memories you created. As well as adding photos of the two of you together in your collage, you can also reminisce by scanning in notes, receipts, passport stamps, concert tickets, etc. By incorporating these kind of mementos in your artwork, you make it much more interesting and unique than a standard photo collage.

Include joint interests in your collage

If you find that a lot of your photos are similar when you're making your collage, try to add photos of things or places you both enjoy to add a little variety. Some great examples include a landscape shot that you took during a romantic hike, a group photo with your friends or a picture of your favorite café, music group or holiday.

Surprise your loved one with pictures of your children

If you and your special someone have a family together, you can use photos of your children. You can use photos from your phone or you can go all the way out and set up a photoshoot to get excellent shots. Take your kids somewhere you can get great photos, like the beach or the park, take as many shots as you can and save the best ones for the collage!